Some last words

In October of last year I wrote a review of Mausritter. Sometime earlier this month, someone wrote a response to it in which they pitted me against Mausritter. Pitted my games against Mausritter. They said I claimed that Mausritter wasn’t art and that therefore I thought my stuff was art, and more so that those claims meant I thought I was better than Mausritter. That I thought of Mausritter as a product and I was a “true artist.”

I learned that several other people had felt the same way and encouraged this person to write this rebuttal article. 

That wasn’t the intention of my review. I would never claim a work of art is lesser than my own. I would never claim a ttrpg isn’t a work of art. I would never and have never claimed that my art isn’t a product. The intention of my review was to state that Mausritter is a perfect game book but that it plays it safe and didn’t surprise me at all. While also trying to codify this idea of the Questing Beast School of Design. I did not succeed. 

I’ve understood since I was an adolescent that people read into my words things I never intended nor meant. It’s kind of the default experience of being autistic. And in thinking about that, my previous analytical/review work, and this most recent response to said work, I’ve decided I’m not gonna do it anymore. 

There is no part of my life that I want taken up by people comparing me to someone else. Or comparing my art to another’s. I’m not interested in any of that and I don’t wish to be a part of it. I invited it on myself by writing reviews/articles while I’m still an artist, so to rectify that, I will not be doing analytical/review work any longer.

My initial goal with was that I believed I could do analytical work while also being an artist. I believed that I could keep the two separate like others in different fields had. I’m realizing that was rather silly of me. There’s room in TTRPGs for that kind of thing, but I am simply not built for it. Not emotionally at least.

For the sake of clarity, I am not going to be doing reviews or articles anymore for because I am simply not built for it. It’s not the fault of anyone but myself. If people read the Mausritter review and believed I thought Mausritter wasn’t a piece of art, that’s my fault. Not theirs. 

Thanks for reading.



3 responses to “Some last words”

  1. Honestly I either have not read or do not remember the review in question, nor am I at all connected to or aware of this conflict in any way whatsoever, so take everything I say with a grain of salt lol.

    That said, I think you’re making the wrong decision.

    If you did something wrong, if you did cause someone hurt, that sucks, and you should be sorry (and it sounds like you are). But also, if the people who actually care about the consequences of their actions stop engaging after they’ve made a mistake, then who are we left with?

    Bottom line do what you need to do of course, but maybe think about it.


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